My approach to photography is to quietly reflect on my surroundings, human, built or natural and to try to understand what is going on. What forces are at work that produce what I am seeing? I try not to influence or manipulate in any way what is happening, but to make an image in a most revealing way, at the point where all the various factors converge. This is essentially a subconscious process as everything is often changing so quickly that there is not time to think about it logically or to have the benefit of pressing the “pause” button. I am also a painter, so those characteristics of form, shape, tone, line, texture, composition and colour influence me. For many years I worked professionally with medium format cameras which were always on a tripod. This experience helped me develop a love of strong composition which I still use in this current more fluid approach.

Reality has many layers, and I try to show the complexity I perceive in various ways. For instance through the use of reflections, the juxtaposition of two dimensional advertising material with three dimensional space, or the serendipity of found text which so often adds a richness and poignancy to our surroundings. Themes obviously emerge through my wanderings. The demanding imagery of advertising has become so pervasive and belittling. What is real and what is illusion? Old and new, both in time and concept. Isolation and alienation. Sheer beauty of light, colour and texture. Contradiction and harmony and so on.

And of course the viewer brings their own experience and ideas to the image, forming their own individual understanding of what the image means to them. A collaborative process. I enjoy sharing my images and hope they enrich the perceptions of you, the viewer.

Camera - Leica M9 and Leica M
Lens - Leica M 135mm, 75mm, 35mm, 21mm and Voigtlander 15mm.
Supplier - Photo and Video International, in Christchurch, great service from Greg and his team.

My approach to painting is generally to draw upon my subconscious and not let my conscious mind, get in the way. Sometimes there may be a loose theme, something I have been thinking about. But usually I find what works best for me, is to still my mind and start painting. Before each session there is a time of reflection about what is, or is not working in the painting. This is a process which I find difficult to express in words so perhaps it is better to let the paintings speak for themselves.